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Rogers Mechanical Contractors is family-owned and operated in North Georgia, proudly serving the entire Metro Atlanta area. At every single phase of our operation, we endeavor to perform at the very highest level. This unwavering focus is at the very core of our mission statement, our philosophy as it relates to building long, meaningful professional relationships.

Our History

Father and son Robbie and Heath Matiak started R&D Mechanical as a residential HVAC company in 2002. Robbie came from a background of commercial work with over 20 years of experience as a commercial HVAC technician, and they started offering commercial services in addition to residential. 

Over the last several years, the company has transitioned away from residential work and is focused on their commercial services, preventive maintenance, and replacements, automation, and new construction.

Our Core Values

We’re proud to have a strong set of core values that guide us in everything we do. These include:

  • Live and work with the highest level of Integrity.
  • Be fair and honest in all we do.
  • Treat our customers and their property with the highest level of respect.
  • Set good examples for all who see us, those who don’t and those who will come behind us.
  • Do what we say we will do. Follow through and complete each task.
  • Be who we are, whether in private or public.
  • Give the customers more than they expect. Under Promise and Over Deliver.
  • Highly value our customers.
  • Always be willing to go the extra mile.
  • Never sell. Meet our customer’s needs.
  • Set the highest expectations for ourselves, don’t require others to set them for us.
  • Enjoy the life we have been given.
  • Don’t try to be everything to everybody.
  • Do a few things and do them well.
  • Serve our customers, employees, vendors, and suppliers.

In addition to having a strong set of core values, our people are an integral part of who we are and how we serve the businesses and community of metro Atlanta. 

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Our Culture

We build a strong culture, which we then cultivate further through continuing HVAC training and certification.
Whether speaking with a member of our Sales Team, Solutions Team, or one of our field technicians, you can
always rely on a caliber of expertise only rivaled by our customer care.

A Culture of Responsibility, Humility and Honesty

We strive to do what is right all the time, even when no one is watching. We accept the responsibilities given to us as representatives of Rogers Mechanical Contractors and work to fulfill them every day. We always ensure that our work is completed to the best of our ability. We take ownership in our work and only present efforts that we are proud of. We are humble. We are honest. We are constantly striving to be all that we were created to be.

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