We Replace and Install Commercial HVAC Systems

When your system begins to lose efficiency or can no longer meet your comfort needs, you require the aid of trusted, certified, and expertly skilled HVAC professionals. And at Rogers Mechanical, our team is uniquely qualified to provide for your heating and cooling replacement needs.

Don’t pick just any system. Your commercial location has its own unique needs.

Rogers Mechanical offers strategic solutions as well as financial planning for retrofit and/or replacement
of systems. 

With attention to detail, efficiency and a variety of HVAC solutions our team will focus on the needs within the space while at the same time keeping your organization’s short and long-term goals in mind.

We’re Your Commercial HVAC Partner.

Rogers Mechanical coordinates with facilities and operations managers in an array of industries, from churches to pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, to maximize each project’s benefit to the end user.
We deliver a maximum return on investment to our clients from the initial stages of retrofit, planning to startup by utilizing scalable solutions that are application based.
We closely manage each project to achieve maximum added value and specific goals set in the planning stage based distinctively on the scope of your project requirements.
We evaluate the entirety of any existing HVAC system(s) to select the correct replacement equipment that will fully accomplish the customers goals and needs.
We develop a strategic plan to minimize total costs and also ensure the solution best meets the client's current and future needs.

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Clean, Curated Visual Aesthetic
Friendly Customer Support
Modular Architecture

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Friendly Customer Support
Modular Architecture
Clean, Curated Visual Aesthetic

We make your new system
more cost-effective.

Your new commercial HVAC system can be even more reasonable with simple and easy financing through Rogers Mechanical Contractors. We’ll customize your plan to meet your company’s individual needs, helping you maintain or enhance results and reduce life cycle costs.
We have a variety of flexible commercial financing options, including leasing and monthly payments.

Become a Rogers Mechanical Partner, Gain Peace of Mind.

Our commercial service partners include:
  • Churches
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Data Centers
  • Medical Offices
  • Surgical Centers
  • Schools
  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Retail Properties
  • Mixed-Use Development
Schedule an onsite evaluation of your facility with one of our project managers. We look forward to serving you!
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